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Tumble weeds…

January 19, 2010

Note to Self:

When you’re packing up wine glasses that you never really liked to get rid of the old in preparation for the new in pages of the Georgia Straight don’t laugh out loud when your eyes skim Savage Love because then you’ll have to explain to your daughter that there are people who write in for advice about whether putting Ben Gay on your private parts will make you sterile or not and then who knows what questions will follow from that conversation and what kind of answers you’ll have to come up with at the dinner table…

I spent the morning at my daughters’ school today,

dancing with hula-hoops,

and a gym full of unadulterated joy…

I had to have the hula-hooping is like hockey so you have to keep your eyes open and be tough if you want to be on this team because contact can end up being part of the game talk with some members of my club…

A scrape or two across the nose or chin,

a black eye,

and bruised hips,

are all part of the initiation…

Hula-hooping may open up chakras,

but it also takes no prisoners…

Although we have been in acquaintance for nearly seven years,

as his wife provided very loving daycare for both my children,

the principal of the school doesn’t always recognize me from a distance…

In the past he has said,

as he approaches me down the corridor,

Oh, it’s you…

I couldn’t tell at first…

When he says things like that,

I mess with him a bit,

and ask,

Couldn’t you feel me???

He has now taken to laughing,

when he says,

with a raised eyebrow,

I’m not at that level yet…

But I’m sure you’ll take me there…

And when he does,

I respond as such,


Only once I’m certain,

you’re made of the right kind of stuff…

Today he told me a story of mystery,

indicating that we may be getting closer,

to being on the same page…

And that he is willing to admit appreciating,

that which we know,

but can’t always explain…

in words…

Last week Starshine (10) called me from her Papa’s house,

after school,

as I was sitting there in my house wondering WHAT in the world is going on here…

She said,

all chirpy,

I had a funny dream this morning…

You got a job as a teacher,

a vice-principal,

and a principal,

all at once,

in three different lives…

I said,

Thanks for the information…

Now I’m going back to bed,

to regroup…

She said,

Oh Mama,

you just think you can’t do it,

but you know that you can…

You are ready for EVERYTHING…

If only for one second, I see it twinkling in your eye... (Photo: Starshine)

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