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Dirty chi…

January 8, 2010

Do you ever have the feeling that your blood,

is full,

of dust bunnies???

I have an earthly constitution,

and if things aren’t obviously moving,

and changing,

I become,


and uncomfortable…

A lot of my dreams this week,

have been about cleaning…

Getting rid of junk,

and debris,

which is,

cluttering up my house…

A few days ago I had an early morning dream,

that smacked of colonialism,

and appropriation…

I was returning home,

from fishing and gathering,

to my beautiful house and garden,

surrounded by a forest…

Some white men were there…

They stuck a wooden sign in the ground,

right before my very eyes…

The sign said,


I cried,

What are you doing??? 

This is my house and my garden…

YOU can’t just put it up for sale!!!

They said,

Oh yes we can…

WE have a sign…

There’s already another family living in that cute little coach house,

you have,

at the back of the property,

and they aren’t going anywhere…

Then to add insult,

to injury,

they stuck up a sign of OWNERSHIP,

right next to me…

I stood there in disbelief,

and confusion…

I tried to convince them to leave,

but they refused…

What’s worse is,

they’d already made a mess of the place,

in such short order…

So I consoled myself,

with cleaning a stove,

that had been left,

to rust,

out in the weather…

It was filthy with ashes,

and char…

I scrubbed away,

all the debris,

of negligent housekeeping…

and as I worked,

with bottled rage,

I chanted to myself,

like a steady drum…

Clear me of negativity…

Clear me of negativity…

Clear me of negativity… 

for a higher good…

I woke up feeling discombobulated,

and ambiguous,

like I wasn’t sure,

if I was the one,

who had taken land from the people,

or if the land had been taken away from me,

and my people…

I stayed there,

in my feather bed,

breathing into,

my pericardium,

and the weight of the new world,

on my shoulders…

Sending a stream of grey water,

out through my toes,

and a ribbon of gratitude,

into the universe,

for the gift of this sweet roof,

over my head…

Some day we'll walk in the rays of a beautiful sun...

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