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Stop watch…

November 11, 2009

Last night,

in aisle #3 of Choices on Cambie,

I got kicked in the shins…

For dancing,

like this,


What I am... what I believe in...

Ladies and gentlemen,

the weapon…


And the lame man he gonna' fly...


Early this morning I was minding my business,

while washing up some of last night’s dishes,

when Little Gem (7yrs) asked me from the dining room table,

under steady light,

while eating her Honey Nut Cheerios…

Mama, What’s a milestone???

I had to think about it for a minute,

and I had to admit that the business I was minding,

had everything to do with accomplishing a difficulty…

A milestone is when you’re changed somehow…

Like when you were a baby and you started to crawl,

and walk,

and say your first word…

Or when you asked your first big question…

What was my first big question???

It was when you had just turned three,

and we were eating apple pie at our friends’ house,

and you said to them,

while they were holding their second child on their lap,

How come you guys are two moms???

I remember that…

Do you remember the answer to the question?

Not exactly, just that I know that love doesn’t pay attention to the container,

real love just loves…

And now we live in a time and a place when it is okay for different kinds of love to make and grow a baby…

A little while later,

that same day after the dishes,

I was at a Remembrance Day soccer tournament out at 8-Rinks,

and I ran into an old friend from the late 1980’s…

He mentioned something about his twenty year old brain,

and how his mentality at the time was such that he would have sold anything to make a dollar…

He said,

I would even have sold you…

I had to laugh…

Thankfully I was never in his possession,

and this interesting turn of phrase,

along with a feeling of finale,

seemed to cut a cord,

and brought closure to some small talk…

His innocuous comment reminded me of something I was reading when I flew over Lake Sakakawea — A Shoshone word for boat launcher

a few weeks ago…


renamed Sacajawea by popular culture,

is constructed as the shapely Indian princess with perfect Caucasian features,

who accompanied Lewis and Clark on their expedition across the American West…

Many of us,

including myself,

may only be familiar with Sacajawea — A Hidatsa word for bird woman

from watching Night at the Museum…

But the framework of her real life,

and personal experience can only be pieced together from the journals,


and the notes of other people,

whose economic and political purpose was to scout the American West in the early 18oo’s…

Something they couldn’t have done without her help…

How would the karma of the alleged gambling or selling off of a young pregnant native woman to a European voyageur incarnate today???

How would you know???

What would tell you???

The theory isn’t entirely comprehensible,

or well documented,

but anyone who claims to be knowledgeable,

should be open to the fact that science is beginning to recognize degrees of freedom,

and supersymmetry,

with the steady beat of dragonfly wings…

For lunch,

Little Gem and I sat in the car at the White Spot on the Lougheed Highway,

in-between games…

She said,

I can’t believe I’m spending my whole day in Burnaby…

I asked her if she thought that today could be considered a milestone…

She said,

Kind of,

because even though I didn’t plan for it,

it just happened…



I've been lost without a trace...


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