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Stretch marks…

October 12, 2010

For many years no princess had vanished…

A number of handsome young people had mysteriously disappeared from totem pole villages,

from berry patches,

and from fishing stations…

Yet no princess had vanished…

But one was going to…

Mouse Woman knew what was going on…

Her big,


mouse eyes saw everything…

Her busy ears heard everything…

And her busy mind could always put two and two together…

(“And get five,” her neighbours said, shaking their heads over the busiest little busybody in the Place-of-Supernatural-Beings)

in THE Vanishing Princesses by Christie Harris

Yesterday morning,

I woke to sunshine,

and dew on the rails…

After a trip to the bathroom,

and brushing my teeth with vanilla mint Crest,

Whitening Expressions,

I saw a mouse,

next to my bed,

looking a little rough around the edges,

with its tail nibbled half-way off…

The green-eyed cat,

sat on my bed,

without fanfare,

wearing a halo of quiet pride,

and humility…

I said,

Look what you did!!!!

You got your first mouse…

And then I asked him,

Did you do all of this just for me???

He smiled,

like cats do,

with his eyes closed…

And then he blinked,

like cats do,

with his motor running…

And then he did some yoga,

like cats do,

and went back to sleep…

Last night when Little Gem and I were in her single bed,

she asked me if I’d ever want a king size bed…

I said,

Given the right circumstances,

there’s no question…

She said,

I guess they can cost quite a bit…

Like more than one hundred dollars,

depending on the quality…

Then she fell into a deep sleep…

This morning while I was getting lunches ready,

and doing dishes,

I heard the usual question,

So Mama,

what are you going to get up to today???

I said,

I’m going to apply myself to a bunch of jobs,


And then I’m going back to bed,

for a catnap…

Starshine went upstairs just before the school bus arrived,

and called down,


He’s waiting for you…

Like a king…

This cat,

who is here with me,

until his food runs out,

seems to know a lot more,

than he’s letting on…

But who am I to say???


I want to stand with you on a mountain...


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